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Rock-a-fire Explosion!
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Rock-a-fire Explosion!

Billy Bob  - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Billy Bob is the lovable bear that is the mascot of ShowBiz Pizza Place. His personality is kind, sweet, and innocent - but at times naive. He's a country bear that's from Tenessee, and has a country accent as well. He and Looney Bird share stage right and work well together as a comedic team.


Fatz Geronimo - Tune Machine and Vocals
Fatz is the character with personality to spare. He is big, bold, and he'll let you know it. Uderneath the scary look and threatening demeanor, Fatz is just a big friendly guy. His home state is Louisiana, and that's where his ex-girlfriend Ezmerelda Jones is- although Fatz would never openly admit to having a girlfriend.


Mitzi Mozzerela - Vocals
Mitzi is the only female member of the Rock-afire Explosion. She is a fiesty cheerleader and keeps the others in check. She loves to sing and belt out classic tunes. One of the interesting things about her is that Mitzi has an almost "cult-like" fan following among Rock-afire fans who still adore her after all these years!


Dook Larue - Drums and Vocals
Dook Larue is the drummer for the Rock-afire Explosion. From his hometown of New Orleans, Dook became a drummer for the RAE while waiting to be become a space dog, and go into outer space. He wears a flashy space suit that is quite elaborate. Although Dook is known to be dimwitted at times, his beautiful songs never show it. Dook has amassed a strong fan following amoungst Rock-afire fans.


Beach Bear - Guitar and Vocals
Beach Bear is the wild & crazy one of the group, although he can also be laid back and mellow and fit his surfer bear image.


Rolfe DeWolfe & Earl Schemerle - Comedic Acts & Cymbal
Rolfe and Earl make a great comedic team. Rolfe is arrogant, egotistical, and sometimes rude -but always a target from his pal, quick witted hand puppet Earl. Earl has a personality all his own. When not insulting one another, Rolfe and Earl love to perform and host Idol Karaoke during their show.


Looney Bird - Vocals
Looney Bird is Billy Bob's sidekick who is always there to offer a laugh. Looney Bird is a notorious drunk and is always getting into Billy Bob's "gasahol." He loves to host his special segment: "Letters to Looney Bird!"


Baby Bear Choo-Choo
Voice - None
Choo-Choo was the cute little bear that popped in and out of the barrel on center stage. He never made any sound, but used to dance around when the Rock-afire Explosion broke into song.


Antioch the Birthday Spider
Antioch is Fatz's pet spider who drops down and dances around - especially during  Birthday shows. He was named after the very 1st Showbiz Pizza Place which opened in Kansas City in 1980.


Sun and Moon - Background Vocals
The Sun and Moon are little guys who occasionally pop up behind the Rock-afire Explosion and sing background vocals for the group.

1315 S Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA. 92803