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Davy D!com

Davy's Disney Diaries

Davy's "OFFICIAL" Diaries of his Disneyland experience for his fans.

 Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to let you know I'm making a special holiday appearance at Disneylnad Resort December 5-7. Hope to see you all there! Check back for EXCLUSIVE pics.. but for now, a special look back... at the last time I worked at the resort on the world famous Jungle Cruise...


Davy D. is on his FINAL WEEK for his limited engagement at the Disneyland Resort. Be sure to catch him before he's gone!
THURSDAY JUNE 1 --- 11pm-5:30am
Appearing at private Grad Night party on the Jungle Cruise.
FRIDAY JUNE 2   --- 5pm-11pm
His last Jungle Cruise appearance on this engagement!
SATURDAY JUNE 3  --- 7:30-midnight
Last Fantasmic! appearance this engagement!

Hi everyone,
Here I'll be documenting my exciting Disneyland Resort experience.
Friday and Saturday March 17 & 18
Flew down to the OC for a meeting with the Disneyland Resort big-wigs to work out a deal on me returning to the company. I was there for their 35th birthday, so I see it fitting that I'm returning for the 50th! OK so when I arrived in the OC it was pouring! I'd just left Sac-Town and it was fine. Oh well, it didn't matter because I wasn't leaving the resort without snagging a job with the company. I love the ALL-NEW Casting Center they recently built. It's so high tech! Anyways, first we saw a short video on the "Disneyland Experience" which basically said: OK, you will follow our strict appearance guidelines and you will have to work when most people are out having fun! Then we took an online computer test. Then we had a group interview in sets of 3. I felt I did the best out of all of them and I wore a brand new purple shirt and tie I bought at A.J Wrights. (I love that store!) So I basically said to them that I felt like this was the place I wanted to retire from and that I would be a tremendous asset to the company. After the group interview we had to go outside and wait (again) to be called back one-on-one. My interviewer was nice and told me: "with your experience you would be great working at our Disneyland Travel call center!" I almost laughed. I felt like saying: "Your kidding right?" The last thing I want to do is work in yet another call center!! I said I wanted to work in the park on Attractions, and I told her I would be perfect on the Jungle Cruise. She looked in her computer to see if there was an opening after suggesting Disneyland's California Adventure which I almost laughed at again. Finally, she said: "I found a spot for you on the Jungle Cruise." Just what I wanted to hear!! Left the casting center with paperwork to return with the following day. After, I had to go get my haircut since she said I needed to. Ouch! Spent the rest of the night at the park.. (luckily the weather cleared!) The next day I went back with my completed paperwork and chatted with a girl at the Casting Center, got my picture taken for my badge and was scheduled for "Traditions 1" on Friday. An all day catered event where we discuss the Disneyland traditions! FUN! I'm sure they will want me to start the following day. Stay tuned!


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday  March 24-26
So Friday came quickly and I was scheduled to be at the "traditions" training class early Friday morning so I had to fly down on Thursday night. Made it to the class at 8am! (When was the last time I was up this early!? Anyways, I got there and one of the trainers said my pants weren't acceptable to wear to the class. I was like "Excuse me?" I wore really nice black cords but they said they "flared" out too much so I would either need to go home and change or re-schedule to take the class. I was beyond pissed. I said I would change. So I left not knowing what to do, The only other pants I had with me were green cargo pants! So I changed into those and ran all the way back to Casting. Luckliy the said they were "better" For the first part of the class we watched all the usual videos on sexual harrassment, etc.. then we went on a walking tour of the park. It was fun. They took a Class of 2006 photo on Main Street. We ate at a Cast Member cafe in California Adventure. Then there was more class and Disney knowledge games. Soon we were transferred into a huge theatre with a stage and curtain, a really fancy place. The trainers said the last thing we will give you is your name badge and ID card. They acted like they forgot to pick them up and then the curtains opened, music started and there was Mickey Mouse carrying a basket with our name tags. They also gave us a photo they had taken earlier on Main Street. Cute! We then met with our Adventureland bosses and they gave us our on the job training schedule. I had to be back the next day at 6am!! The next day we met our Jungle Cruise trainer and honestly he reminds me of Captain Kangaroo. First we went to the huge Costume Shop to pick up our Jungle costumes. We changed and we headed backstage to the attraction. We were first taught how to load and unload guests, then we learned the Enchanted Tiki Room which we will also be working at occassionly. The following day (Sunday) we started getting boat training. It's pretty easy to guide the boat, the hardest part is at the dock when we are loading guests cause you have to keep the boat in place and steady. So we took a boat on our own (me the trainer and the other trainee, Brittany, who is really funny and cute) We started practicing the "spiel" but I hadn't yet memorized the script so I concentrated more of driving and docking the boat. Everyone who worked on the ride was nice and some of them very HOT I might add. By next weekend I'll be taking guests on the Adventure by myself.... I feel sorry for my first group!



Saturday, and Sunday  April 1 & 2
Finished my last two days of training and I have been certified for the "Jungle Cruise" so now I can start taking guests on my own beginning Friday April 7! I am really excited. How cool is it to be working at a job where you drive a boat around a jungle. WOW! After work (midnight) on Friday night a bunch of us went "on a trip to find Elvis," is what the cool night lead at our ride. She gave us all flashlights and we walked around the park after closing and went behind the river to look at all the animals up close. It was so fun. She said some other night we will go on a tour of the "Haunted Mansion!"
Friday Saturday, and Sunday  April 7, 8 & 9
Started taking guests on my own full time. It is so much fun! It is neat to see the expressions on their faces. Some are totally cool and laugh at all the jokes, some are not. It may be because they don't understand English! One day, a boat de-railed and I was stuck in the middle of the jungle with a group for about 10mins. Then I dropped them off and had to go out and wait in the jungle with an empty boat for about 20mins. It was pretty cool!

Thursday thru Sunday  April 13-16
My first long week of appearances since it's Spring Break was fun. I have been doing guest control for the Fantasmic! nightly show. Basically I direct traffic and answer questions, but the best part is I can watch the show too. As usual I've been getting night shifts because it's what I prefer. I would like to get more Jungle shifts since I'm doing guest control all week! It doesn't matter though, I'm still at Disneyland!


Friday  thru Sunday  April 28-30
OK I admit it I already have a couple of crushes. Let me just say that Disneyland must be the HOTTIE CAPITAL of the WORLD! Every time, Every where backstage, I pass by some of the MOST gorgeous guys you've ever seen! Saturday night's Fantasmic! show was very HOT because I got to work with Alex who is a Lead, so cute, with a smooth perfect face, nice smile, and very sweet. I'm sure he already knows I like him. Overall a great weekend but still irritating! See My Blog for More!
Thursday  thru Sunday  May 18-21
Thursday night was my first Grad Night appearance and it was a lot of fun. I was at Club Buzz and helped with guest control at the nightclub which was playing mostly rap music which was not really my cup of tea but the scenery was HOT! Main Street was a virtual night club with lights flashing and music playing throughout the entire park. Plus there were lots of give aways. Alex is still driving me crazy! He is so cute, sweet and cuddly. I know he knows I like him and he likes to come around me when he sees I'm working. I worked with him on Saturday night too for Fantasmic! I never get tired of looking at him!
Saturday May 27, 2006
Stuck on yet another Fantasmic shift! Today was absolutely crazy. I cannot believe how many people were in the park! After the fireworks were over, we were all at the entrances of Frontierland were a slew of thousands rushed over to get ready for Fantasmic! It was a madhouse, but I got to work with Alex so everything was fine. I love flirting with him and he thinks I'm crazy for sure!